Use UDF(DVD Format) and How to build Kernel?

Jetson Orin Nano and when I mount the ISO image of the DVD, I cannot access it because it is in UDF format. I think I need to rebuild the kernel, but I am unclear about the build procedure on the following page.

After compiling the kernel, I set up the kernel to use UDF using menuconfig, and then I did up to copying Image, but did not compress the next m-po module because it is optional.
I flashed it using SDK Manager and got an error on the way.
Is it necessary to compress modules? If so, what should <modules_install_path> be?

What ISO image of what DVD? Did you attach a USB DVD reader and are attempting to view DVD content?

Incidentally, flashing is not normally needed to install a custom kernel. Adding filesystems and DVD support is also often just a module addition. There are several “gotchas” for kernel build/install since there is more than one way to do this. If you’ve tried to work with a custom kernel image, always start by stating your “uname -r” output, and where you downloaded any kernel source from, followed by whether it is cross compiled on a host PC versus natively on the Jetson.

Incidentally, if your “uname -r” changed due to not correctly specifying “CONFIG_LOCALVERSION”, then you need to reinstall 100% of your modules. That aside, the default module install location is at:
/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/

Of course, if you are using cross compile, your install location is somewhere temporary, you package that, copy it to the Jetson, and then unpack in the above location. Even in native compile I suggest initial compile be to an empty location first.

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