Using a relay for Jetson Xavier

Hi, I need to connect the board to a relay, I used the item in this link.

However, I cannot get it to work. The power lights can go on and off when you run the test program they provided. but green lights are not on.

Is it because it can only be used by Nano?

Hi, you can file the question to the designer in that topic directly.

Would a solution that involves connecting a relay via USB be acceptable ?

Kim Hendrikse

Because you can also use Phidgets ( connected via USB. Or there is also another approach with a different USB connected relay that I can advise you on. Personally, I prefer an approach that doesn’t interface directly with the GPIO pins for control purposes.


What are you using it with. Nano or Xavier NX?

Xavier NX

This is a link to a cheap USB relay. Actually, I think you can install the python drivers with pip now, not sure, it’s been a while. In any case, it works fine.

Possibly pip3 install usbrelay does it.

The Phidgets approach has advantages but they are more expensive. My project StalkedByTheState supports the Phidgets InterfaceKit I/O controller out of the box. You simply need to assign the serial number and you can start triggering after plugging it into the USB port. It can also just as simply read switch inputs as well as the InterfaceKit comes with input and output ports.

Kim Hendrikse


In the python script there should be a spot where you can select witch GPIO pins you are activating.

Check that jumpers on the relay board to see if they match the GPIO pins selected in python script.

Hi all,

I bought a USB relay. similar to @kimv9rqv provided there.

Some of them can be communicated using USB serial in few lines of code without any additional procedure. (in python, pyserial)
Manufactures will define the message that sent to the relay using pyserial to control the voltage.

I haven’t got any luck trying that relay board with Jetson Xavier mentioned above.

Thanks for all your help!

Just a little note about the USB connected relays above. They come with an identifier. Normally, they are all set the same identifier. You can change the identifier on individual ones so that more than one is addressable from the same computer. If you need details I do have code and procedures.

About the new one made for the Xavier I know nothing about them.

Kim Hendrikse

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