Using CUDPP in deviceemu mode

If I use the CUDPP library (parallel prefix sum) and I want to use the device emulation mode the cudppScan returns 0?

So I never can debug some parts. I have 3 kernels. In the first kernel I want to print something out with printf() but when I’m using the CUDPP it won’t work anymore. I can print using printf() in the main method.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jordy

Are you sure you’re linking with the “cudpp32d_emu.lib”? This works with the marching cubes sample CUDPP sample we have in the SDK.

I’m prety sure I’m not linking that :)

Thank you very much, I will try it first thing in the morning.

Hi Simon,

I have another question. I’m looking through the files that come with cudpp but I can’t find the cudpp32d_emu.lib. Can you please tell me where to find it?


You’ll get faster support (from me at least) if you use the CUDPP google group for CUDPP-specific questions (CUDPP questions only please!). See for details.

Binaries are not included in the CUDPP distribution at this time. You can download the source and build the library binaries yourself. It’s all available at the link above.

We did package CUDPP binaries with the CUDA 1.1 SDK so that we would not have to package the source.


Thanks Mark,

I’m already registered at that google group from the beginning i was the first one i think. But never thought of that. I will download them and try building them myself.