Using Intel HD for display instead of an Nvidia GPU

I have a Nvidia GT640 on an intel i7 3770 desktop PC.
Right now, the monitor is connected to graphics card.
I want to use Intel HD graphics for dispay and GPU only for computing.

How can I do that.
Just connecting the monitor to the Intel HD output does not work.
Error: “This system has a graphics card installed, please use it for display”.

Let me know what changes I need to do.

Thanks in advance.

You might not be able to do this – unless there’s a setting in your BIOS that lets you output the integrated video while having your GT640 connected, that is.

Another setting you could try in the BIOS is something on the order of ‘Init display first’ usually with options of integrated/PCI-E, if so try the former and see if the error persists, if so you’ll probably need another GPU to drive your display while you leave the GT640 exclusively for CUDA work. This of course assumes you have a spare slot on your desktop for the other GPU.

I know for example that some Dell desktops don’t have the option of doing what you want… either you use the integrated video exclusively, or the discrete exclusively, and thus you can’t have the discrete card in, but try to drive using integrated video… you’ll get a message on BIOS post saying so… much like you have.