Using MM API with Jetson TX2


I want to use MM API to access the h264 hardware encoder on Jetson TX2. From other threads, It seems that we should find “tegra_multimedia_api” folder on our home directory which contain samples and documentation about MM API. But I did not find it in my home directory. So :

  1. To use MM API I found that it is necessary to install JetPack. But is it necessary to install it in a host machine and to follow the steps that we can fin in “JetPack 3.0 - NVIDIA Jetson TX2” video made by JetsonHacks, or we can simply install it directly in the target ?
  2. Is there another way to install MM API directly in our TX2 ?
  3. From documentation, it seems that it is necessary to install JetPack in a host (it is said that there is components installed for host machine and others for target), but later to use MM API on TX2, we have always need to use a host machine ?


  1. We should use host machine and follow steps.
  2. NO.
  3. NO.