Using onnx classifier with deepstream, labels are the same (probability=1.0, num_classes=0)

Hi, I have trained a classifier with jetson-inference package and exported to onnx file. I am trying to use this with Deepstream. I seem to be able to run deepstream with the config and extracting meta data using from the python bindings and through: NvDsFrameMeta->NvDsObjectMeta->NvDsClassifierMeta->NvDsLabelInfo. I have changed the labels file so that it is in the format label1;label2.

However, the results only show label1 with a probability of 1.0 and num_classes=0 from NvDsLabelInfo. Please could you advise, thanks!

Config file:

# 0=FP32 and 1=INT8 mode 2=FP16

# process-mode: 2 - inferences on crops from primary detector, 1 - inferences on whole frame


Which model do you use?
In general, you will need to update the output parser for a customized model.

Here is an example of SSD-MobileNet for your reference:


Hi AastaLLL,

I made a 2-class, Resnet18 classifier and exported this to onnx file following jetson-inference tutorials (jetson-inference/ at master · dusty-nv/jetson-inference · GitHub). I have tested it using imagenet from the jetson-inference package and it seems to work, outputting confidence levels not equal to 1.

I am running Deepstream 5.1, Jetpack 4.5.1 on Xavier NX.

I am also trying to write a custom parser for classification as you have suggested, but using the files at:

The README suggests that it should also work with Resnet18. Currently, the variables output:

numAttributes: 1
numClasses: 2

This seems ok but printing float probability = outputCoverageBuffer[c] is always 1 or 0.

Hi, after more experimenting, it seems that the net-scale-factor and offset seem to make the outputs more sensitive but still give poor results. I have read the docs and understand what the terms mean, but unsure how to calculate them?

Appreciate any pointers/advice!


Please align the pre-processing steps between Deepstream and Jetson-inference.
In Deepstream, you can find parameter and fomula below:

Gst-nvinfer — DeepStream 5.1 Release documentation

y = net scale factor*(x-mean)

May I know what kind of input do you use? Image or video?
And could you share the confidence value output from the jetson-inference?


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