Using RTX 3090 for Deep Learning Models Training

Hello all,

I’m thinking to use RTX3090 for model training, however, I have question about this GPU.

Before RTX 3090 was announced, I was planning to buy Titan RTX. Whatever, RTX 3090’s features seem like better than Titan RTX. But, RTX 3090 is for gaming. Does RTX 3090 might be a problem for training for a long time in future? If not, why should I buy RTX 3090 for training not Titan RTX? (because of only specs?)


You will have to wait for any info about the 3090 but I did some preliminary testing on the RTX3080 that might be of interest.

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and some one found it was unstable to keep training models on 3080…

Im having some restarts that I have not been able to trace (other things trains well, only some specific notebooks not) PC restarting when trainning DL model