Using tc358840 for HDMI to CSI conversion with YCBCR422 format support on Jetson Xavier NX L4T 32.6.1

Hello NVIDIA community,

We are currently working on a project involving an HDMI camera, and our aim is to convert its HDMI output to CSI using the tc358840 bridge. Our setup includes the Jetson Xavier NX running L4T 32.6.1.

During our exploration of the device tree configurations, we noticed a combination of imx274 with tc38840. However, it seems that there’s no tegra-camera-platform section related to this configuration. We referred to a discussion in this forum thread: About Tegra194 Camera IMX274 HDMI DTSI.

One important aspect for our application is that our HDMI camera supports the YCBCR422 format. We would like to inquire if the tc358840 is a suitable solution for achieving the desired output given our camera’s YCBCR422 format compatibility.

In addition to the above, we have made adjustments to the device tree as per the forum’s suggestions. However, we are seeking guidance on what other modifications should be made in a manner that aligns with the BSP (Board Support Package) of L4T 32.6.1.

We greatly appreciate any insights, advice, or recommendations you can provide regarding our inquiry and the necessary modifications for successful integration.

Thank you for your valuable assistance.

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Suppose the tc358840 was able to support YUV422 as your request.
And I think you just need modify the device tree to enable it.

Hi shaneCCC,

Modification means what type of modification, I want to do ?

As I delve into the device tree configurations, I’ve encountered a situation where the tc358840 device resides within the “common” platform. However, our project’s main platform is “jakku.” To accomplish our integration target, I’m seeking advice on the necessary adjustments to seamlessly bring the tc358840 device tree into the “p3509-0000-p3668-aoo.dts” file that corresponds to our primary platform.

Specifically, I’m interested in understanding the modifications that need to be made to successfully integrate the tc358840 device into the main platform. This integration is crucial for our HDMI camera, which supports the YCBCR422 format.

Could you please give any method to achieve this ?

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You can just include the tegra194-camera-imx274-hdmi.dtsi and remove the imx274,

Maybe reference to below topic.

Hi shaneCCC,

I already gone through this link. I have the device tree of tc358840 .
I have to include this in bsp from common directory.
How to do this ?

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Remove all of any others camera device tree and modify the status = “okay” in the tc358840
And check the l4t document to build the dtb and applied it to your system.

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