Using two UARTs on the Jetson Nano


I’d like to use two UARTs for serial communication, and preferably not using USB-serial converters.
Similar topics have been discussed, eg.:

As a summary, there are 3 UARTs:

  • on the J44 header, which is used for system logging during startup, and as a login shell afterwards. Disabling this requires changing kernel configuration and flashing the device, if I understood correctly. (And which seems too much of a hassle)
  • on the 40 pin J41 header. Here as well, a console is started upon startup, but this can be switched off easily (see e.g.
  • on the M2 key, below the jetson nano GPU module. I haven’t read about it’s use, nor could I find any buyable hardware to make it accessible. Does anyone know more about this, and could help in how to use it, or in gauging whether it makes sense to try?


hello h.grabmayr,

you might access Jetson Nano Supported Component List. here’s supported M.2 Intel wireless devices.
please also contact with Jetson Preferred Partners for supported hardware inquiries.