UVLO on BBAT pin?

While the series design guide states the expected input voltage on the BBAT pin, there is no mention of how deep a cell would be discharged if connected. Especially for rechargeable cells, this is important information to calculate the lifetime of a design. Could you please share the minimum voltage at which the PMIC will turn off and the expected leakage current at that point?

Hi, you can find the PMIC_BBAT pin is 1.85V to 5.5V in module data sheet. Jetson Orin Nano Series Module Data Sheet

Yes, but does it actually stop drawing power at 1.85V?

Any updates on this topic?

Yes, 1.85V is the minimum voltage of PMIC RTC working level.

And what is the expected leakage current at that point? A cell that is at 1.85V might already be at deep discharge levels and any additional current could be fatal

The typical VBAT current is ~12uA. The cell should have capability of output at 1.85V, otherwise it will only be able to work at its own minimum voltage level.

And what happens when the cell dips below 1.85V? Let’s say a cell was discharged from 3.7V to 1.85V, how much farther will the discharge go? All the way to zero? Or is there a cutoff point below which the device will turn off and only leakage current will be drawn? How high is that leakage?

As said,1.85v is the low limit. Below 1.85v VBAT won’t draw current as PMIC RTC won’t work.

Is there an estimate of the leakage current expected at that point?

No such eastimage of leakage current.

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