Setting PMIC_BBAT Charging Voltage


I am adding a rechargeable coin cell to a custom carrier board, to be connected to the PMIC_BBAT pin:

In other forum posts, it is alluded to that a rechargeable battery can be used in the nano dev kit:

Is there any software setup required to use a rechargeable ML battery? The product design guide mentions that the PMIC_BBAT pin can charge a coin cell anywhere between 2.5V and 3.5V, but makes no mention of how to set the output voltage. Is any protection circuitry needed to use a rechargeable coin cell?

Thank you

Modify below in device tree to configure it.

			backup-battery {
 				maxim,backup-battery-charging-current = <100>;
 				maxim,backup-battery-charging-voltage = <3000000>;
 				maxim,backup-battery-output-resister = <100>;