[V4l2] VIDIOC_REQBUFS: failed: Cannot allocate memory

we need 128 RAW buffers to be dumped @ 60fps using v4l2-ctl command without any framedrop

Modifed in mc_common.h #define QUEUED_BUFFERS 4 // increased to maximum 32
not able to increase it above 32
How can we increase it 128 buffers

Suppose the QUEUED_BUFFERS is not the key for the frame drop.
It could be cause by file write.

we have mounted tmpfs and written the file in ram, it has improvement to 26fps. each raw file size is 4.3Mbyte
but we are not able to achieve the 60fps file write in ram also
how can we increase the QUEUED_BUFFERS buffer to max ?

Suppose it depend on system memory. Streaming to files is no recommend due to involve memory copy and file write that hurt the performance is expect.

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