-var-create: unable to create variable object


I’m using the latest 1.5.1 release and having some issues with seeing variables in the watch window.
All the variables (except for some global ones) cannot be seen, it just shows “-var-create: unable to create variable object” in the debugger.

My project is based on UE3 and we’re developing in VS2010. Our NDK version is r9d and the compiler flags are “-g2 -gdwarf-2”

Note that the hello world sample program seems to work fine on the same machine.

Any idea what caused the issue in our own project?


Could you please check that the gdbserver in your APK is the same as we provide? Our gdbserver should be packaged with your app to make several things work correctly. You can find it here:
c:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\Platforms\Tegra-Android\gdbserver (or in V110/V120 subfolders of the v4.0 folder for older VS versions than 2010).

Answering the other thread here as well - our gdbserver must be included for thread names to work.

In any case, in our next release we won’t use the packaged gdbserver until absolutely necessary so you won’t need to package ours manually. Just in case you’d rather wait for the release instead of changing how the build system works.

Great, the “unable to create variable object” issue was actually a bug in our build process but using the gdb server from nvidia did fix the thread name display.

Thanks a lot!

Glad you were able to resolve it!