Video Codec SDK 8.2.16 Sample 265 decode bug?

Hi All,

     I compile and run the Video Codec SDK 8.2.16 samples under Ubuntu, all things is OK.

     Under Win10,   it seems that there is a bug when decode 265 bit stream.   It always stopped at "cuvidDecodePicture()"

      WIN10 + 64 bit + SDK 8.2.16 + CUDA Toolkit 10

      Has anybody encountered this problem?


What do you mean by:

It always stopped at “cuvidDecodePicture()”

Hi electrodynamics,

              Thanks for your reply.

              [i]It always stopped at "cuvidDecodePicture()"

[/i] means that when I use the compiled result AppDecD3D.exe to play a H265 file, the display window will appear and then disappear suddenly, the command terminal shows that it return error after call the function cuvidDecodePicture() in the code.

Yongmin Hou

What error code is returned by cuvidDecodePicture()?

NvDecoder::HandlePictureDecode : cuvidDecodePicture(m_hDecoder, pPicParams) returned error 1 at my_path…/nvdecoder.cpp : 432

Hello Vincent. Thank you for the information.

I was able to duplicate the same problem. Strangely, an HEVC elementary stream worked but HEVC in a transport stream did not and it gave your same error. I’ll investigate further but it may take some time. Maybe FFMPEG has a problem as it seems to happen only for containers, which are demuxed by FFMPEG.

BTW, in my tools I do all my own demuxing so have not run into this issue. It definitely needs to be fixed.

Hi Electrodynamics,

              Thank you for your reply.

              Most strange thing is that it seems there is no this issue under Ubuntu.


Hi ymhou,

  1. Which driver/GPU are you using?
  2. Please note, all SDK8.2 applications have been validated at our end on Cuda SDK 8.0. Can you try using Cuda 8.0?
  3. Please share us the clip at

Ryan Park

HI Ryan,

         1.  The GPU is GeForce GTX 1080,  driver version:  Version2.1 NVIDIA build_224,   it should be 40x, larger than 400.

         2. Yes, I will try later.   (Actually now I use VLC to solved my problem)

         3. The clip is from