Video/desktop tearing again with settings which are meant to eliminate it (Fermi/Kepler/Maxwell)

I don’t want to revive the old topic because it grew out of proportions and contains far too many messages to cope with, so, here’s the new one.

Here’s a new video which demonstrates that under the newest NVIDIA drivers tearing under non-compositing window managers is back again:

Here’s my settings:

Section "Device"
	Identifier	"Videocard0"
	BusID		"PCI:1:0:0"
	Driver		"nvidia"
	VendorName	"NVIDIA"
	BoardName	"NVIDIA Corporation GK106 [GeForce GTX 660] (rev a1)"
	Option		"Coolbits" "12"
	Option		"RegistryDwords" "RMUseSwI2c=0x01; RMI2cSpeed=100"
	Option		"Metamodes" "HDMI-0: 1920x1080 { ForceCompositionPipeline = On }"
	Option		"TripleBuffer" "On"

# This is a trailing line, it is needed so that End Section is not the last line

Aaron, Zander, Sandeep, NVIDIA - please fix bug ASAP.

How is that even supposed to work? If you don’t use composting Xorg will just draw stuff everywhere when it’s ready. That’s how pure Xorg works as far as I know. That’s why compositors are a thing. That’s like complaining that you can’t get drunk from non-alcoholic beer. Please make non-alcoholic beer that gets me drunk!

It seems like you’re really going out of your way trying to add all of these arbitrary configurations to xorg.conf (I don’t even need that file and haven’t in years) when you could just use a composited desktop… it isn’t 2005 anymore, most of them work very well.

ForceCompositionPipeline was exactly created by NVIDIA to cope with’s inability to provide a tear free experience.

IOW, go f*ck yourself and your smugness.

I don’t want no compositing manager, thank you.

Stop deciding for other people what they want and what they need.

And like with the previous commentator, go f*ck yourself too. No one asked you for your comment. This was meant to be a bug report, not a free discussion on unrelated things.

Doesn’t sound like it was created to do that if you read the manual.

““ForceCompositionPipeline”: possible values are “On” or “Off”. The NVIDIA X driver can use a composition pipeline to apply X screen transformations and rotations. “ForceCompositionPipeline” can be used to force the use of this pipeline, even when no transformations or rotations are applied to the screen.”

““ForceFullCompositionPipeline”: possible values are “On” or “Off”. This option implicitly enables “ForceCompositionPipeline” and additionally makes use of the composition pipeline to apply ViewPortOut scaling.”

It’s the TripleBuffer option doing it. Turning that off fixed it for me.

I don’t know exactly what driver release broke it, though.

I have turned it off here and while there’s less tearing in Firefox, Google Chrome still exhibits huge tearing.

Edit: ForceFullCompositionPipeline doesn’t help either.


A minor variation to try, on the command-line:

nvidia-settings --assign "CurrentMetaMode=HDMI-0:1920x1080_60 +0+0 { ForceFullCompositionPipeline = On }"

And maybe more info in thread.

I can’t understand the need to use ForceFullCompositionPipeline instead of a full compositor.
The performance drop is the same.