Video playback in loop causes freeze on last frame


I have qt based application(yocto platform) and I want to loop the video with gstreamer.
But some how in the last frame it freeze and it is not starting video again.
Basically it detects EOS as per logs.

TVMR: NvMMLiteTVMRDecDoWork: 4138: NVMMLITE_TVMR: EOS detected
TVMR: TVMRBufferProcessing: 3518: Processing of EOS Done

Maybe the issue is like for rtsp in below link

Somehow I found that if we remove gstreamer-bad-plugins from the board then loop is working.
But we required bad plugins for other purpose.

Is there any solution for that?


We have source code of in
You may add debug prints and compare the decoding case with/without gstreamer-plugins-bad.

There is no plan to have new release for TK1. To get latest software releases, please consider to use Jetson Nano.