Video Processing Pipeline How to recreate a file

Hey @Fiona.Chen, I m referring to your answer Save output to video using filesink - #16 by Fiona.Chen about using filesink to save the video output.

I m trying to create a pipeline that performs inference on video serially. Normally, The filesink creates a dummy out.mp4 file as soon as the program loads up and then keeps on writing it. But as I m processing the multiple inputs, after processing 1 file I am shifting the output to a new folder that causes an issue in processing the next file as it looks for the initial “out.mp4” file.

Should I create a new dummy mp4 file using OpenCV after processing the initial video or is there something else I can do? Please suggest something.

How did you shift to new folder? You should finish the original pipeline(set state to NULL) before you switch the folder and restart the pipeline from beginning after the folder switch.

Please be familiar with gstreamer knowledge( GStreamer: open source multimedia framework), we only focus on deepstream issues in this forum.

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