View 2021.2 Beta Now Available

View 2021.2 is now available as a beta on the launcher. Some significant changes have been made to the functionality and layout of View.

Here are some highlights:

View is now dark and simpler

Quick tour of the user interface:

1 - Camera bar
2 - Graphics modes
3 - Waypoint capture (Right click to bring up the list of waypoints)
4 - Screenshot capture (Right click to bring up more options)
5 - Primary set of tools
6 - Review/Edit toggle, Viewport resolution
7 - Navigation bar

Edit mode with panels toggled on. Note the new Material browser with support for vMaterials and filtering by materials in the scene or by selected object(s).


Quickly capture different orientations/sun angles/render modes with the click of a button. Easy to jump to back them at any time and add notes.

Navigation Bar

Easy way to navigate the scene or as a cheat sheet for the mouse/key combinations to drive the camera.

Movie Maker

This tool now supports sun study capture as before plus sequences to record any animations in a USD model.

Other improvements and changes can be found in the release notes for View.