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I’m currently designing a custom carrier board for Orin NX, I’m planning to use a 12V power supply (VDD_IN) from buck converter and a logic circuit for generating the power sequencing signals in auto power mode (no button). I’ve already reviewed the Orin NX DK schematics, the chapter 6 of the design guide and the MCU Power Button Supervisor code. My question is: which is the purpose of the VIN_PWR_ON signal? In the design guide it is said that it is used if extended power supply (5V-20V). In the MCU code it is pulled-up with the POWER_EN signal (Power on state) and pulled-down a short delay after POWER_EN is asserted (Power off). Is this signal essential? Can I omit it in case I feed the system with 5V power supply? As it doesn’t appear in the power sequencing diagrams I can’t figure out, if needed, how to implement it in my custom designed power-on circuit.

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As said in DG, VIN_PWR_ON is for ‘Enables power to module if wide range (5V-20V)’. It is not must for custom design. The key point is to follow the power sequence in DG.

Thank you. Only for me to fully understand it: it is only a way to ensure that the VDDIN when powering the Jetson Module with more than 5V is stable before pulling up the POWER_EN signal, right? And If I have a method to ensure that, it isn’t needed, although I feed the module with 12V by default (configured following the MODULE_ID signal).

Yes, correct.

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