Vista32 Does not see multiple GPUs DirectX Sees Multiple GPUs, CUDA Does Not

Hi. I have a Vista32 SP1 laptop with two NVIDIA 8600Ms running CUDA 2.0 and driver 179.48. The Simple multi-GPU finds only one GPU whereas, applications like the DirectX CustomUI can see both. I know to turn off SLI and to extend my desktop. That worked for DirectX, but not with CUDA. I’d like to upgrade to CUDA 2.1, but I got discouraged by the mods to .ini files suggest in this forum and on I’m not much of a Windows geek. Any suggestions? Mod the .ini files and drop in the 8600 182.08 driver? Run XP?

Try this on your secondary card:…st&p=517428

also, you should upgrade to an 18x.xx driver.