Visual profiler 4.0 with MATLAB

Has someone tried to attach MATLAB to Visual profiler 4.0, that is the profiler in CUDA toolkit 4.0, to a matlab mex function?

I tried the following settings:
Launch: “D:/MathWorks/R2008a/bin/matlab.exe”
Working Directory: C:/tmp/Matlab_CUDA_1.1
Arguments: -nojvm -nosplash -r profilerTest (profilerTest is the script calling a matlab CUDA mex function)
Max execution time: 30
Enable profiling at application launch: checked

As soon as MATLAB launched I get

Application: “D:MathWorks/R2008a/bin/matlab.exe”. Profiler data file Ç:/tmp/MATLAB_CUDA_1.1/temp_compile_profiler_0_0.csv’ for
application run 0 not found

However, such a file exist (5 actually), and each of them contain:

“NV_Error: Failed to open profile config file: C:/tmp/Matlab_CUDA_1.1/temp_compute_profiler.conf
NV_Error: Profiler initialization failed.”

Well, ‘temp_compute_profiler.conf’ does not exist.

Does this ring a bell?

I have the same problem. If anybody could help that would be greatly appreciated!