Visual Studio 2005 express and <windows.h>

Hi all,

i downloaded Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2005 (C/C++ version) because some of the samples downloadable on the Nvidia site can’t be executes with VS 2003.
My problem is that i get an error "<windows.h> not found with VS 2005, and the akward thing is that i have no problem at all in VS 2003.
I have the SDK installed and i downloaded the <windows.h> and all the other library related but then i have plenty of errors…
got some ideas?
Thanks in advance

You need to download the Platform SDK, then make sure to set the include and library paths in Visual Studio to point to where the SDK is installed.

"c:\Program Files\SDL\include"
“c:\Program Files\SDL\lib”

Then in Visual Studio 2005, you need to go to the Tools>Options menu, and under Projects and Solutions>VC++ Directories, you add those two directories…

You’d better download a VS .net 2005 PRO edition for the express edition does not support MFC or other advanced functions.

Only if the OP really wants MFC. Personally, the only thing I have missed in the Express edition is the profiler. But I can get around that by using better tools like CodeAnalyst (or switch to linux and use gprof). VC++ Express + platform SDK is a development platform capable of producing fully functional and optimized CUDA applications.

FIrst of all thank you for all the answers, you avoided to make me buy the Visual Studio 2005 complete version :)
I configured the SDK following the guide at this link:
[url=“Démarrer avec Visual C++ 2005 Express”]Démarrer avec Visual C++ 2005 Express

and now there is no problem with the <windows.h>, but now the missing library is the ‘cln/config.h’.
What exactly is this file?