Visual Studio 2019: Minimal components needed for CUDA 10 installation

The CUDA 10 installation guide specifies that a version of Visual Studio is needed, and then clarifies which versions are supported.

Installing Visual Studio without workloads/components/compilers is not enough, however. I request clarification on which components in Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition are necessary to install CUDA 10. Please see the following screenshots to understand what the options are. It should not be necessary to install all - for instance the “Office/Sharepoint development” can’t possibly be necessary.


Individual components (snippet of relevant ones):

Ideally this sort of information would be added to the installation guide, but I recognise how that could be difficult. I’d be satisfied with a response here.

Thanks for your patience in answering the questions on this forum.


The C++ development workload is required (“Desktop Development with C++”). As far as I know, that is the only one required.


Thanks a lot! Took me a number of days of efforts and several search queries to find that answer. I agree with Thomas that this part should be added to the installation guide.