Visual Studio Performance Profiler not collecting data for CPU Usage


I have been having this problem for a long time where I cannot see how my C++ programs are performing. When I try to start the visual studio 2019 CPU usage tool and then stop it, it collects no codes at all. The source of the problem was narrowed down to the Nvidia drivers. Uninstalling them would make it work with no problems. I was told that the driver is overriding/redirecting the EtwProfilingInterrupt ISR; This breaks all ETW based profilers. I have asked in the Microsoft community and I was told that it is not possible to fix the issue from their end.

I am sorry for choosing a most likely wrong forum but it is what I thought closest to my issue here.
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Trace Analysis has been removed from NsightVSE.

You can use Nsight Systems for system (cpu+gpu) trace/timeline analysis.
This stand alone tool can be integrated into Visual Studio with
NVIDIA Nsight Integration