Visualize OptiX-generated BVH in Nsight Compute

Nsight Compute can visualize the scene stored in an OptiX acceleration structure. But is it possible to show the different levels of the GAS bounding volume hierarchy, e.g., as wireframes, in the same scene? I’m curious about how OptiX groups primitives into AABBs internally, and the possible implications on tracing speed.

Hi @slyphix,

Currently there isn’t a way to view the internal BVH hierarchy, primarily because it’s proprietary. Also be aware that BVH build strategies can change depending on your OptiX settings, primitives used, scene structure, driver version, GPU model, etc.

We do try to offer control over any choices that can affect the possible implications on tracing speed, and expose them in the API and discuss them in the OptiX Programming Guide. See the section on BVH build flags, for example:


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