vkCreateFence very slow on linux

I tested call vkCreateFence 1500 times on linux, and it took about 6secs, the same program also tested on windows (GTX 1060) and the time is 5ms. My graphic card info on linux is listed below:

Driver Version                      : 418.43
CUDA Version                        : 10.1

Attached GPUs                       : 4
GPU 00000000:00:08.0
    Product Name                    : GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
    Product Brand                   : GeForce
    Display Mode                    : Disabled
    Display Active                  : Disabled
    Persistence Mode                : Enabled
    Accounting Mode                 : Disabled
    Accounting Mode Buffer Size     : 4000

the vulkan sdk is latest 1.1.97

here is my test code :

WatchTimer timer;

for (int i = 0; i < 1600; ++i)
	VkFenceCreateInfo Info;
	memset(&Info, 0, sizeof(VkFenceCreateInfo));
	Info.flags = 0;
	VkFence Handle;
	VK_ASSERT(vkCreateFence(mDevice, &Info, nullptr, &Handle));

LOG_ERROR("fence %f", timer.getAccumulateTime());

I also traced the vkCreateFence callstack using gprof, the callstacks like below:

(00007fd0b5df7607) :0:__munmap
(00007fd0b5d7e881) :0:__GI__IO_setb
(00007fd0b5d7d02f) :0:_IO_new_file_close_it
(00007fd0b5d7101f) :0:_IO_new_fclose
(00007fd0a7613754) ??:0:0x00007fd0a7613754
(00007fd0a76138de) ??:0:0x00007fd0a76138de
(00007fd0a7614094) ??:0:0x00007fd0a7614094
(00007fd0a7611a8f) ??:0:0x00007fd0a7611a8f
(00007fd0a760eb25) ??:0:0x00007fd0a760eb25
(00007fd0a7610ba3) ??:0:0x00007fd0a7610ba3
(00007fd0a76125fc) ??:0:0x00007fd0a76125fc
(00007fd0a730edcb) ??:0:_glCallList
(00007fd0a75a4877) ??:0:0x00007fd0a75a4877
(00007fd0a75a5266) ??:0:0x00007fd0a75a5266
(00007fd0a75a51a2) ??:0:0x00007fd0a75a51a2
(00007fd0a75a584b) ??:0:0x00007fd0a75a584b

Can confirm, also the case for 415.27 and 410.104 with a GTX 960.

can you specify the Linux version?

That would be linux-4.14.83-gentoo.