vkCreateGraphicsPipelines crashes with vk_khr_dynamic_rendering

Hi, I’m having trouble with GTX1650’s vk_khr_dynamic_rendering driver implementation. As I linked API dumps below, when I use VkPipelineRenderingCreateInfoKHR in pNext of vkCreateGraphicsPipelines call on GTX1650 application crashes. When I run the same application on my integrated Intel GPU, it runs well. There is no validation error/warning too. I tried both Vulkan Beta and up-to-date GameReady driver, nothing changes.
Note: Application creates some default objects depending on the GPU’s capabilities, so most of the dump is probably useless but I pasted anyway.
Nvidia API Dump
Intel API Dump

It was a validation layer issue. You should set blend state attachment count to color attachment count and define attachment states according to it. In vk_khr_dynamic_rendering extension, blend states’re not checked by validation.

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