VR SLI: Accelerating OpenGL Virtual Reality with Multi-GPU Rendering

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/vr-sli-accelerating-opengl-virtual-reality-multi-gpu-rendering/

High-performance stereo head-mounted display (HMD) rendering is a fundamental component of the virtual reality ecosystem. HMD rendering requires substantial graphics horsepower to deliver high-quality, high-resolution stereo rendering with a high frame rate. Today, NVIDIA is releasing VR SLI for OpenGL via a new OpenGL extension called “GL_NVX_linked_gpu_multicast” that can be used to greatly improve the…

cant download the driver, just says "
unable to download,try later"

Interesting how there is no VR and yet it seems to be talked about and hyped as much as something that actually exists at a consumer level... Dev kits in the hands of a small amount of people don't count.


200.000 dev units sold total and Gear VR is sold to consumers right now. Besides, there's no point in selling VR if there's no graphic driver support and that's what's happening now :) Release of consumer HMDs are slated Q1 2015 so they're all in a hurry to get things ready.

why Company of Heroes 2 Ardennes Assault not working with nvidia drivers ?
but it's working with cpu ghraphics when unistall the driver

failed to find a supported hardware rendering device.ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements...............

my card is gigabyte gtx 670

Q1 2016*

Can you submit feedback through the driver feedback form so that we may investigate? http://surveys.nvidia.com/i...

If you wish to chat with an NVIDIA Customer Care representative, you may reach the NVIDIA Customer Care team at www.nvidia.com/nvcc

im having trouble downloading a driver also. The version is the 361.43 which was released on 12/21/2015. Im downloading this the day of the release yet it is saying that i have no internet connection, yet i am at my house trying to download it. I have just gotten rainbow six siege and it is saying i have an outdated driver and to update for maximum speed. If you could please respond back to me that would be very helpful. Thank you.

Thank you, the driver has download sucesfull :3

wait for next year, everything is gonna explode with vr...people see it therefore people prepare

I cant download it either. Last week i downloaded Windows 10, and since then my Nvidia Geforce Experience hasn't been able to download. It says; that this Nvidia-graficcard isn't compatible with this version of windows, but on your webside it says that it work with Windows 10.

thanks for replying

cant download the driver "GeForce Gaming Driver" 21.12.2015
Computer MSI Leopard pro NVIDIA DTX 950M

This is quite interresting as it shows the progress the NVidia driver engineers are making for VR support.

cant download the driver, just says "
unable to download,try later" too. ı am attempting to download gt 730, help me please

Which operating system are you trying to download for?

Which operating system? Are you downloading through GeForce Experience or our website?

i cant play assassin's creed syndicate with gt610. too much lagging, but u said gt 610 supports that game. mine is core i5+8GB of RAM..

I fix the problem via regedit. THANKS for responsible