If you are an msi gt83vr user,don't install any drivers from 531.18 onward

Beware,MSI GT83VR users,any drivers from 531.18 onward will not works on our system,and it will cause software conflicts.
I recommended you guys staying on 528.49.
Nvidia,do something about this,it’s been months and no one has looks into this.
If there’s anyone with the same problem,please get back to me on this topic,on here,or on Discord even
My Discord is nightxmaneuvers,DM are always open to talk with anyone with the same issues

Hi there @nightxmaneuvers and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Is this the 1070 or 1080 version?
Can you specify which OS you are running?

And can you give a more detailed description of the problem, for example how the “software conflicts” manifest themselves?

It is important to get as many details as possible please.

Thank you!

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Hello,it is the 1080 version, I’m on the latest version of Windows 10.
Basically the whole OS in general,it will micro and hard stutter/BSOD/freeze on bootup your system if your system are a GT83VR like mine.How funny is that Nvidia never really looks into this.
Can you tell the people at Nvidia to look into this ?

And thanks for acknowledging this issue in the latest driver,guys. As [4009884],i reckon ?

Thanks for pointing out that this is already a known issue listed in the latest release notes.

For reference, this is mentioned on the GeForce forums in the latest driver feedback thread.

I’m glad someone acknowledged this issue.This once happened to my system before,2 years ago,back in 2021.

I have what appears to be exactly the same problem with my similar MSI GT73VR Titan SLI.
Relevant specs are:
Intel(R) Core™ i7-6820HK CPU @ 2.70GHz
64.0 GB
2x GTX 1070
Win10 64-bit 22H2

I have tested upgrading to almost every non-beta NVidia driver upgrade since 528.49, initially using GeForce Experience, but more recently just manually via installer downloaded from NVidia’s driver page. Every version greater than 528 series causes my screen to simply freeze within 5-30 seconds after the driver is updated. The laptop appears to keep running, and the screen periodically refreshes every 45-60 seconds with one frame if I leave it running. But overall, it just acts frozen and is completely unusable.

The only way to get out of this state is to hard-power off, then start up again, get Windows to boot into Safe Mode (I’ve since enabled this as an early boot option that I can select at every boot, because of the driver issues), use DDD to remove all NVidia drivers, then finally reboot normally and reinstall the 528.49 driver.

So far, I’ve not been able to isolate a clear error reason or detail in Windows Event Logs, but because of the number of restarts necessary before I can start viewing logs, its possible that there might be some watchdog timer or other subtle warnings that I’m missing that could help troubleshoot this issue. I have not had blue screens of death or other easily-identifiable error event to trace or debug.

However, I can add one useful finding after nine months of frustration. I was tinkering different driver settings this past weekend with the stable 528.49 installed, and with SLI disabled, I tried re-testing an upgrade to 537.58, which is a popular version reported for stability. (Reddit forums discuss a lot of varying issues with anything newer, and this version this has been my go-to stable version recently on another a desktop machine with RTX 3080 that has issues waking from sleep as reported by other users with newer than 537.58 drivers.)

Anyway, my laptop did not freeze after the 537 driver upgrade! It worked fine for about 30 minutes, even after a few restarts. Then, I tried re-enabling SLI. The machine was appeared to be working OK for about 20 seconds before the screen froze again. It repeated the same behavior as I described earlier. I reverted the driver back to 528.49 after that using my recovery procedure.

Thus, there is a relationship to SLI and a driver regression introduced since 528 drivers, affecting at least this series of MSI laptops, and perhaps on other configurations as well. I would be very interested to hear if anyone else can test the driver update with SLI disabled and see if it helps. I also wonder whether perhaps other issues such as unique power management settings are related (e.g. perhaps only SLI laptops are impacted, but not desktops?)

I see what appears to be a related bug report:
[GeForce GTX 10/RTX 20 series] PC may randomly freeze/bugcheck when Windows Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling and NVIDIA SLI are both enabled [4009884]
However, I do not have Windows Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling enabled.

So for now, I’m stuck with 528.49 for a fully stable SLI driver. I’m also wary to run any newer driver versions even with SLI disabled, given the recent track record of regressions; worrying that I might damage my hardware as a result. I intend to keep this laptop running a long time as it’s the best quality gaming laptop I’ve owned and plays all games I enjoy right now very well. I just hope I don’t lose SLI support forever as a reault, as it is remains beneficial for MANY older games I play a lot.

I’m happy to help support troubleshooting this issue further if anyone has other suggestion to contribute.

Additional notes:

  1. This generation of “VR” series of MSI laptops with SLI support did not support hybrid graphics. It’s either discreet-only or Intel onboard, toggled in BIOS via a hardware button on the laptop that triggers a Windows MSI extension to prompt the user to reboot the machine in UMA or Discrete graphics mode. Also, there are several different configurations, like the GT83VR (different screen) which also support SLI.

  2. My laptop is unmodified from the factory hardware setup, and I am the original owner. It came with Win10 Home, and I’ve been using it without any significant driver or hardware issues, updating the system with usual Windows Update and MSI drivers.

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Hello,when does “[GeForce GTX 10/RTX 20 series] PC may randomly freeze/bugcheck when Windows Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling and NVIDIA SLI are both enabled [4009884]” being looking into and fixed ? It’s been several updates and months already and i haven’t heard anything from you guys.

Hi nightxmaneuvers, the bug you mention is internal to our bug system and we do not disclose progress or ETAs on those. For that reason it can be quite some time until you see a resolution of the issue in any public form.

That said, after checking, there is indeed constant activity on that bug. It just seems to be more complex of an issue.
And let’s be fair, “may randomly” is not a good starting point for debugging.


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Hi, is there any additional support we as external users can provide in terms of debugging logs or other troubleshooting help to assist diagnosis of this issue? This issue is very repeatable on my gt73vr with dual 1070 SLI option enabled. And it is very clearly a regression introduced in all drivers since the 528.49 driver, so should be identifiable via a comparison of delta between 528.49 and 531 driver source code.

Thank you for the offer @rybskej !

Devs are doing regression by bisecting, so we have all we need right now.

I suppose you have a good knowledge of software development, so you will understand that even this kind of bug search can be daunting, given the number of changes that go into the driver between public releases, since there are numerous internal intermediate versions happening.

I’m glad to hear some effort is underway on this one. I’ve been checking back here after every driver release in the hopes to see movement on this issue. I’d be happy to beta test hotfix driver releases for this issue, if that could help the dev team with deeper troubleshooting.

Love to see some updates here, it seems all the MSI GT83VR users are affected.

I can confirm even with Windows Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling disabled, I still have the issue with freezing under SLI. Thanks for the info from @rybskej .

If you use Remote Desktop then SLI with the latest Game Ready drive works normally. A short cut for enter safe mode and reinstalling, just mstsc and do it normally.

I am running a MSI GT83VR 7RF SLI. The latest drivers I can use without my computer stuttering heavily on launch (if I can even get it to launch) is 528.49 released Feb. 08, 2023. I usually wouldn’t mind running older drivers but this driver has become too old to run many programs such as, OBS and Starfield. Please resolve this issue soon!

Has anyone tried wiping their GT83VR to factory?

It’s positive to see some conversation finally about this problem. This needs to be fixed asap.

I have a MSI GT83VR 6RE with 1070 GTX in SLI.

I wiped mine completely when I bought a copy of Windows 11 pro. Windows installs GRD 526.86 which I’ve had no issues with. Every time I try installing something newer, I get the same stuttering issue reported by everyone else and have to remove the driver in safe mode. Disabling HAGS does not resolve the issue. If anyone has a solution I’d love to know it.

Looks like the developers are working on the fix themselves.
If it release,can someone give it a try for all of us ?

552.12 released 4/4/24 is not a fix but it does run slightly better than some recent releases. Still stuttering but it does at least run win 10… sort of.

Does it work well on your system my guy ? Would you recommend me to install it ? If it’s work well i might gonna give this a go.
Please get back to me on this ASAP,i’ve been looking for this answer for a long time now.

Also has anyone here installed the update yet ?
If you do,give me some words on your ends,please.
I need to make sure this is safe.
Please get back to me ASAP if you can.