If you are an msi gt83vr user,don't install any drivers from 531.18 onward

Beware,MSI GT83VR users,any drivers from 531.18 onward will not works on our system,and it will cause software conflicts.
I recommended you guys staying on 528.49.
Nvidia,do something about this,it’s been months and no one has looks into this.
If there’s anyone with the same problem,please get back to me on this topic,on here,or on Discord even
My Discord is nightxmaneuvers,DM are always open to talk with anyone with the same issues

Hi there @nightxmaneuvers and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Is this the 1070 or 1080 version?
Can you specify which OS you are running?

And can you give a more detailed description of the problem, for example how the “software conflicts” manifest themselves?

It is important to get as many details as possible please.

Thank you!

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Hello,it is the 1080 version, I’m on the latest version of Windows 10.
Basically the whole OS in general,it will micro and hard stutter/BSOD/freeze on bootup your system if your system are a GT83VR like mine.How funny is that Nvidia never really looks into this.
Can you tell the people at Nvidia to look into this ?

And thanks for acknowledging this issue in the latest driver,guys. As [4009884],i reckon ?

Thanks for pointing out that this is already a known issue listed in the latest release notes.

For reference, this is mentioned on the GeForce forums in the latest driver feedback thread.

I’m glad someone acknowledged this issue.This once happened to my system before,2 years ago,back in 2021.