VR Works - Audio SDK in 2022

(Moved from other section) I’m an audio programming student and have been looking into path traced audio propagation and came across this SDK. Just wondering if there are any immediate barriers to using the UE4 Plugin, or attempting to make my own using this SDK within UE5 / compatibility with more modern hardware? Information on it is pretty hard to come by, thanks!

Hi there @edenlukejeffrey and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

You probably know VRWorks - Audio | NVIDIA Developer and the respective Github repository with some examples for UE4, right? It might be worth starting there and just try it out.

I am not in-depth familiar with this particular SDK, but I do know there were some fundamental changes both to plugins as well as how ray/path tracing is handled in UE5 nowadays. The graphics part of VR for example does not (yet) support our current RTX ray tracing features. And honestly I don’t think Audio would be further along right now.

But I will try to get up to date information on this.


Hi Markus! Thanks for the reply, yeah that is pretty much what I was expecting. Yes I have had a look at the repo, I think for the time-being I’m going to look into other solutions, but I’ll keep an eye on this space as GPU based tracing would be the dream! Thank-you very much.

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