VS2013 Community/CUDA 6.5/Opencv CUDA stuck indefinitely

Ive successfully built OpenCV 3.0 Beta with CUDA 6.5-Support in MSVC 2013 Community Edition on Win7 64Bit (it shows no errors in MSVC).

My problem:
The attempted simple code (which uses cuda) compiles with no errors, to the point where i upload a Mat to the gpu and try to work on it with, for example cv::cuda::flip, but the graphic window stays black forever.
Because MSVC throws no problems or warnings, i really dont know how to solve this problem. Is there any method/program to analyse where CUDA gets stuck?

All include-files, libs and dlls are correctly located i assume (locally).

Any suggestions to solve the stuck CUDA-window?

Which GPU you use ? Cuda Toolkit 6.5 i think has some troubles with maxwell cards when using texture objects. Maybe the ‘flip’ function uses texture objects.
So if you have Maxwell card, it might be better to switch to Cuda Toolkit 7.
I think there is also an OpenCV forum where you can post your issue.
See http://code.opencv.org/projects/opencv/issues