Vulkan profiling?

Hi all, I’m looking to profile my Vulkan application on NVidia GPUs as we get horrible performance on them currently. After looking for a Vulkan profiler for older NVidia GPUs (9xx series), I’m left wondering what I can do other than provide a terrible experience on NVidia cards?

That said, are there any profiling tools available? Are there perhaps some hardware counters which might help me get an idea of what’s going on in my application?

Thanks in advance!

Kevin B

do you have tried Nsight connected with visual studio ? For me, it’s good working in performance term

I can do “profiling” that tells me when the CPU is waiting on the GPU, but I can’t get access to any metrics on shader occupancy, GPU-side bottlenecks, or anything of the sort. The software tells me I need a Turing or RTX hardware to access that functionality with Vulkan. Are you able to get it to work for older GPUs somehow? My primary dev machine has a 970 GTX in it.

No i can’t get anything of that. I think that kind of information is only for dx users.
I can get one frame capture, see when gpu do what, and how time it took too cpu for doing this. But the debug names are broken, so Nsight become useless at this time…
I hope somebody will teach us how doing that