Vulkan profiling on GTX 1080

I’m trying to profile my frame using NVIDIA Nsight Graphics and see the running time of individual rendering stages.
I set the following operating mode:

When in I get this error:
“Vulkan profiling requires a Turing-class GPU or later”.
I have a GTX 1080, can’t I just measure the rendering time of various parts of the frame?
Maybe I should change some settings or maybe there are other utilities(not renderdoc)?


Thank you for your feedback on Nsight Graphics. Yes, you will need a Turing or later to use Range Profiler with Vulkan since Range Profiler requires hardware support which GTX1080 doesn’t have.

If you only want to see timing, there are a few ways after capture:

  1. Event view

  2. Scrubber view

  1. API statistics view

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Thank you so much for the answer!
I think this will help me.

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