Vulkan slower than OpenGL?

Driver 384 and 390 Vulkan on Dawn of War 3 is slower than OpenGL

in-game benchmark at 1440p
Vulkan min: 24 max: 50
OpenGL min: 37 max: 67

you should wait another 10 years to see vulkan competiting opengl …


Vulkan was developed to supersede OpenGL. Vulkan should have immediate performance increase since it has lower overhead and multi-threading. It is the Vulkan driver needs improving. the 396.18 has Vulkan improvements but I haven’t tested it.

One of the main characteristics of Vulkan is that it moves complexity, and with that responsibility for performance, from the driver to the application. I’m not aware of any big name game engines being designed from the ground up with Vulkan in mind, so far they’re all ports of an engine that was designed primarily for D3D11. As such the mere switch to Vulkan isn’t some magic pixie dust that automatically makes things faster.

I doubt it’ll take 10 years before we see game engines making full use of the power that a lower-level API such as Vulkan provides, but it’s no surprise at all that these early ports sometimes perform worse than the D3D/OpenGL original.

Gusar, the game ports you mention also was not design for OpenGL either. OpenGL was developed for workstation graphics by SGI. OpenGL is still fast for games and applications. It is matter of the driver and developer of the game. For example, the Linux AMD driver always been slower and buggy than Nvidia driver. Therefore Vulkan is the same and should not be slower OpenGL. The developer of Dawn of War believes is the driver issue.

No, they were designed for D3D11, as I said. But D3D11 and OpenGL are quite a bit similar, while Vulkan is a big departure from both of them.

Yes, when it comes to OpenGL. Where more complexity is in the driver rather than the application. The opposite of how it is in Vulkan. Something I also already said.

Now, it’s very well possible than Dawn of War is hitting a slow path in Nvidia’s Vulkan driver. But still, your mindset is waaaaay too much stuck in how things work in OpenGL/D3D11 land when a lot of those things do not apply to Vulkan.

The difference has nothing to do with performance that Vulkan is slow.
Pascal is different but better than Maxwell. According to your reasoning that means if Pascal is slower than Maxwell then is should be? until they improve the hardware? Same with the API. API itself is faster than OpenGL that is how they designed it. The problem is with the driver and game or application. It is not that because OpenGL is faster than Vulkan because is similar to DX11, that is nonsense. There other games that run Vulkan better than OpenGL Doom reboot for example.

Application or game designed for DX11 is also incorrect. You are saying an application or game designed for an API? Any application can just use any API. Game engine and graphic engine are separate. You only can say DX11 developers are only good at DX11 since DX11 has been in game market longer.

Gusar, just a reminder, this is professional Nvidia devtalk. No need for disrespectful attitude of your comments “your mindset waaay too much stuck…” You do not call anybody anything whether they have correct knowledge or not. Neither do you develop the driver or the game. Even if you are a Nvidia develop you only know part of it since you don’t develop the game. For the record Feral Interactive replied and pointed that is the driver issue. Their recommended driver is 381 not 384 or 390.