VULKAN: The VK_KHR_display instance extension is missing in 516.40 Windows drivers

After a driver update from 512.95 to 516.40 the VK_KHR_display instance extension is no longer available. This extension was present in 512.95 driver.

Still missing in 516.59.

According to GitHub - nvpro-samples/gl_render_vk_ddisplay: OpenGL sample that renders into a Vulkan direct display it’s either intentionally not exposed by default, or even deprecated in the NVIDIA drivers. Not sure why.

Hi, did you manage to resolve this?

I’ve encountered the same issue where the extension is not being enumerated in windows.

I’ve tried latest production and beta vulkan drivers, several machines, GTX1650, RTX3060, Quadro P2000, without success.

I am able to use the (I think) underlying winrt API to enumerate acquire and render to a specialized display using the D3D sample provided by microsoft.

Looking at I see a mix of the extension available/not available on windows 10/11 on various devices using recent driver versions. So that is not really helping either.

The driver utility to enable exposure is listing the function as deprecated, but I asume it is deprecated as it should be enabled by default now?