VK_RAY_TRACING_KHR and new 442.75 beta driver

I wanted to try the newly announced khronos ray tracing extension, but I’m having a problem with the beta driver.
I’ve downloaded the driver from here: https://developer.nvidia.com/vulkan-driver

I selected Windows 10 (64-bit) option (non DHC): https://developer.nvidia.com/vulkan-beta-44275-windows-10

I installed it normally and rebooted. I then ran my code and the new extension wasn’t showing up as supported on the device. I then opened Nvidia control panel and it’s reporting the driver version as 432.00 DHC.

I then downloaded the installer again, thinking I messed up, but when I went to custom installation option to select component, it detected current Graphics Driver version as 442.75

Note that this is on a fairly new Windows 10 install, the released (production) driver at the time was 442.19.

What is going on and where can I get the driver that supports VK_RAY_TRACING_KHR?

I’ve completely removed the driver with DDU and installed it anew, it worked properly then.
If anyone else had similar issues, DDU.