Can't find the VK_NV_ray_tracing on 32bits application (works on 64bits) [driver 430.86]

I was trying to compile the VkRay tutorial ( in 32bits (I just replaced the vulkan-1.lib by the one available in lunarG (in lib32 folder) SDK)
And I got an error: VK_NV_RAY_TRACING_EXTENSION not found…
When I compiled and launched in 64bits this worked well.
I have a RTX 2080 with Max-Q and the latest driver 430.86 WHQL…

Is that a known issue ?
Is there any chance that raytrace will be supported in 32bits ?

Thanks by advance

Julien De Loor

Not really a surprising outcome.

I know this might not help with your imediate question, but given that 32-bit OSes are not supported by NVIDIA anymore, one has to ask why you’re considering doing a 32-bit app that requires the VKRay extension? Keep in mind that because of the 32-bit driver legacy status outlined above, it’s impossible to have the VKRay extension available on a 32-bit OS.

It’s for a 64kb pc intro prod ;) It’s much easier to fit in 64kb with a 32bits exe than a 64 one