VK_NV_raytracing on Linux


I recently received an RTX 2080 Ti and decided to try out some ray tracing. I found this example (https://developer.nvidia.com/rtx/raytracing/vkray) on how to use the ray tracing extension. Since I’m on Linux I had to do some tinkering to get it to compile but nothing big. When I first run the example everything seems to work properly but when I switch from raster mode to ray tracing I only get the blue background.

I double-checked and the VK_NV_raytracing extension should be available. It doesn’t print any warnings or errors either. Have anyone here successfully used the ray tracing extension on Linux? I suspect it could just be something weird with this example.

My system:
Arch Linux x64
RTX 2080 Ti
Driver 415.27
Vulkan 1.1.96

Forgot to mention that I got Q2VKPT (https://github.com/cschied/q2vkpt) to run without any problems so the raytracing extension seems to work as intended. Probably something wacky with the (ported) example code.