VK_NV_ray_tracing_motion_blur on Geforce RTX 2070 with 471.69 Beta Drivers

Hello there,
I am try to get motionblur support into a Vulkan pathtracer. I saw there is since very recently the “VK_NV_ray_tracing_motion_blur” extension. I installed the Beta drivers and newest Vulkan version. As far as i understood my RTX 2070 card is supported for this extension but if i try to use it Vulkan reports me on the usage of :

contextInfo.addDeviceExtension(VK_NV_RAY_TRACING_MOTION_BLUR_EXTENSION_NAME, false,

Could NOT locate mandatory extension ‘VK_NV_ray_tracing_motion_blur’

I would be very happy for any hint.


Judging from following link it seems to be Ampere exclusive:

Thank you very much for your help.