Watertight option in OptiX prime

When I was looking through the online documentation for OptiX prime, I saw the following lines in the a declaration header:

112 /*! Query hints */
113 enum RTPqueryhint
114 {
115   RTP_QUERY_HINT_NONE        = 0x0000,  /*!< No hints.  Use default settings. */
116   RTP_QUERY_HINT_ASYNC       = 0x4001,  /*!< Asynchronous query execution */
117   RTP_QUERY_HINT_WATERTIGHT  = 0x4002   /*!< Use watertight ray-triangle intersection */
118 };

I’m interested in the possibility of a watertight intersection option (if it exists), but I can’t find any examples or documentation that
explains RTP_QUERY_HINT_WATERTIGHT. When I use this hint in my query execution, there are still just as many rays that fall through the cracks (in a watertight model).

Can anyone shed some light on this option?

Thanks for pointing out the lack of documentation for that flag. We’ll add that.

To invoke the watertight intersection program you also need to set the caller triangles option in the builder.
Same for masking (see code in the primeMasking example).

model->setBuilderParameter( RTP_BUILDER_PARAM_USE_CALLER_TRIANGLES, 1 );
query->execute( RTP_QUERY_HINT_WATERTIGHT ); // and possibly OR'd with other hints

Let us know if this doesn’t reduce the number of rays which fell through the cracks.

That did the trick, thank you very much!