We would like to build the procedure for FSKP

Hello Nvidia team,

We are interested in implementing FSKP for securely burning fuses on the factory floor, but we lack experience in this area. Could you assist us in developing a procedure for this, or provide any relevant documentation? Additionally, we would like to know if an HSM server is required for this procedure. If so, could you provide specifications for the HSM needed?

Thank you for your assistance.

hello Jeff.Chou,

please refer to developer guide for Security chapter.

Factory Secure Key Provisioning (FSKP) is a technique for securely burning fuses on the factory floor.

however, do you really need to enable FSKP? may I have more details about your actual use-case.
for instance,
there’s another approach, $OUT/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/README_Massfuse.txt
it’s Secureboot package provides massfuse tools, it could generate a massfuse blob to fuse multiple Jetson devices simultaneously.

regrading to HSM,
it’s Hardware Security Module (HSM) to generate a truly random number as your keys. (PKC, SBK, KEK…etc)

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