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Welcome to our Developer Forum!

This Developer Forum is open to the entire Parabricks community and is a great place to ask questions, exchange knowledge, and connect with fellow Parabricks users.

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Answers to common questions can often be found in our documentation. You can find documentation for the latest version here. Archived documentation for previous versions of Parabricks can also be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

NVIDIA Parabricks is an accelerated compute framework for next-generation sequencing data, supporting end-to-end data analysis workflows for DNA and RNA

Applications. Running on a suite of NVIDIA GPU platforms, Parabricks provides accelerated versions of gold-standard tools for read alignment, processing and quality control (QC), and variant calling. Parabricks can also be easily deployed in common bioinformatics workflow managers for improved scalability, customizability, and intertwining of GPU- and CPU-powered tasks.