wglGetProcAdress("wglCopyImageSubDataNV") fails


I would like to have a cross-platform way for copying a texture between two OpenGL contexts. NV_copy_image works fine on linux (GLX_NV_copy_image), but on windows (WGL_NV_copy_image) it cant be initialized.

graphics adapter: GTX 1080

  • Windows 7 x64, 388.59 driver

WGL_NV_copy_image - is in the list of supported extensions, but wglGetProcdress(“wglCopyImageSubDataNV”) return zero pointer.

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 384.111 driver

GLX_NV_copy_image - is supported, glXCopyImageSubDataNV works fine!

Is the usage of this extensions restricted to Quadro-only cards on windows or is this some kind of a windows driver bug?

Thank you in advance,