Error message when saving dds files with nvidia texture tools exporter

Hi, I have downloaded NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter for Photoshop to allow me to extract as DDS files. However, when I do try to save as DDS files, an error message comes up stating “Error: Creating the window with GLFW failed! Internal info: Plugin::InitializePlugin, line 3776”.

Please may somebody help me?

Hi krazzeekash123! Could you send me more information about the GPU(s) and driver(s) your system has?

This probably means that the windowing library the app uses wasn’t able to create an OpenGL 4.6 context - I think this probably happens when a system has an old driver or GPU that doesn’t support OpenGL 4.6, but I’m not 100% sure yet. (I think this can also sometimes happen when the app is running inside Remote Desktop.)


Hi @nbickford, thank you for getting back to me.

I have uploaded a screenshot of my GPU and driver information. As you can see, it states that it was last updated January 2019. Should I update it?


Go for it! Keeping graphics drivers up to date is almost always a good idea, since feature updates are pretty common. It might be necessary to restart the system after installing the newer driver.

Another reason this might help is because this person on another forum reported that the Intel UHD Graphics 620’s driver only supported OpenGL 4.5 as of October 2019, but looking at their second link now, Intel’s page says that their latest drivers for the Intel UHD Graphics 620 now support OpenGL 4.6. (Please note that I can’t provide any guarantees on Intel things, but I personally think this might help.)