Receiving Access Violations when trying to run NVidia Texture Tool Exporter Plugin


I am trying to use your newest version of NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter DDS-Plugin for Adobe Photoshop, in Corel’s Paint Shop Pro 2021 Ultimate x64. When I select to save a image, select "DDS - NVidia Texture Tool Explorer from the drop down then select “Save” I receive two “Access Violation” errors back to back, and no exporter window. I’ve been able to use the Explorter stand alone, but need to do batch exports which Corel PSP can do. I am running Corel as Administrator and even put the plug in into it’s own separate file under C:\ drive to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have over 400 files I need to convert and this will not be a one time run, so I’m hoping I won’t have to do them one after another, everytime. Thanks ahead of time.

Hi murphy.darin!

Paint Shop Pro isn’t an officially supported platform for the plugin, unfortunately, and it might take some time before it’s supported (long story short, the plugin API has some undocumented behavior).

As a workaround for now, it’s possible to use batch scripting with the standalone version by passing a file of commands as an argument to nvtt_export.exe --batch. has some information on the file format, and Texture Tools Exporter Standalone - Batch Scripting / Command-line includes a Python script for generating a file to convert all PNG files in a folder to DDS files.

Hope this helps!

Awesome! That’ll work. I’ll reply back after I’ve gone over the script. Thanks again for the help!