Nvidia Texture Explorer plugin for Photoshop not loading

I’m running up to date Photoshop 23.41, downloaded and installed NVIDIA_Texture_Tools_2021.2.0.exe, but when I launch Photoshop and open a file, I don’t see Texture Explorer in the plugins pane. I do see all the files at the directory level in the Photoshop plugins folder under NVTT folder. Is this plugin no longer supported? I also tried the stand alone app, Nvidia Texture Tool, but it doesn’t appear to support making a normal map, the single feature I’m after. Thanks for advising.

Hi @BenjyvC,

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Tom K

Hi BenjyvC! The most common issue we’ve seen here is that in Photoshop 2022, the Texture Tools Exporter appears under Save a Copy…, rather than under Save As… . To check, there should be two signs that Photoshop can see the plugin: it should be listed under Help > About Plugins,


and under Save a Copy…:

Since you mentioned that the plugin (nvtt_export.8bi) is visible at the directory level in the Photoshop plugins folder, that should work – the other thing I can think of is to check that the old version of the plugin (dds64.8bi) is uninstalled.

Finally, to create a normal map using the standalone Texture Tools Exporter, change Image Type from Color Map to Normal Map : Tangent Space:


You’ll then see a Normal Map Settings pane where you can change how normals are computed from the color image:

We also have a video tutorial on how to create normal maps using the NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter in the Normal Maps section of NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter | NVIDIA Developer.

Hope this helps - let me know if you get it working!


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