Photoshop plugin not visible in filters?

installed it but photoshop plugin not visible in filters?

Hi @y2keeth! You can find the Photoshop plugin by going to File > Save a Copy..., and then selecting DDS - NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter from the file format combo box:



The settings will appear once you click Save.

It’ll also show that it’s installed with an entry in Help > About Plugins:


If it doesn’t appear in either location, the most common cause is that it might have been installed to the incorrect location - some computers have multiple versions of Photoshop installed, but the plugin installer only writes to one at a time, so if one installed it in the Adobe Photoshop 2023 folder but then launched Adobe Photoshop Beta, it wouldn’t appear. (The most important file is nvtt_export.8bi, which should be in the Photoshop Plug-ins folder). If that’s the case, then one fix is to re-run the installer, and to choose the correct installation location on this screen:


Hope this helps!

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ok thanks a lot

got it working thanks