What advantages I do get using msgconv or msgcbroker over KafkaProducer (pip package kafka-python)?

Hi I am trying to run deepstream test 4 python sample app and was able to run it successfully but I want to send a custom payload instead of the default one and I am confused on how to send those.

To tackle the issue temporary, I came across this pip package kafka-python where we can send data to kafka by using KafkaProducer method like this

producer = KafkaProducer(
value_serializer=lambda x: dumps(x).encode('utf-8')
producer.send('test', value=test_dict)

So what benefits do msgbroker offers over Kafka pip package? And what is the right approach? If right approach is to use msgbroker then how to send a custom payload (I tried creating a custom payload but failed with “terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::bad_function_call’” )?

PS I ran KafkaProducer with 10 simultaneous streams and it doesn’t affect the FPS.

• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU) T4
• DeepStream Version 5.01
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@bcao any Update?

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Sorry for the late, it should be fine to use the KafkaProducer Python package . Using the msgconv+msgbroker plugins allows tee/queue elements in the pipeline to parallelize the Kafka message sending with visual output. When sending message directly from a probe function, the message sending blocks the downstream pipeline until it’s done.

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Thanks for the reply. I m trying to send a custom JSON object from deepstream using Kafka but there is no information/documentation on NvDsPayloadObject.
Can you please guide me through it?
REFER: How to build a custom object to use on payloads for message broker with Python Bindings - #3 by bcao

Sorry for the delay, yeah, we will check and update it in that topic.