What are the best physics simulation apps for the jetson nano?

I want an app for simulating thermodynamics, stress, pressure etc.

I can only find ones that do not work on ARM and/or cost ridiculous amounts of money.

It does not need to be extremely good(industry grade), however, I need something for my classes. My only other device is a Chromebook and is not as powerful as the jetson nano.

Never used it, but a search of “apt search tensor” shows this (which might be interesting):

mayavi2/bionic 4.5.0-1 amd64
  scientific visualization package for 2-D and 3-D data

Amd64 isn’t arm though

Yes, I was just finding package names from an Ubuntu PC. If you run the same search from a Jetson, then it should show only the arm64:

# apt search mayavi2
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
mayavi2/bionic 4.5.0-1 arm64
  scientific visualization package for 2-D and 3-D data

I found the package to be interesting for the desktop PC and just installed it there (intending to see what it can do, but have not tested it yet).

Thank you