GUI development software recommendation for Jetson Nano

Greetings Developers

I have a Jetson Nano that is running Ubuntu 18.04 OS (image from NVIDIA). I’m going to use it for a machine vision project. I will use Python for programming, OpenCV for image processing, TensorFlow for AI and maybe Matplotlib.

Which GUI development software can I use, that is functional with Jetson Nano, preferable, one that is compatible with the other software tools that I mentioned under background.

I installed Kivy with all it’s dependencies but I get this error “D-Bus not built with -rdynamic so unable to print a backtrace
Aborted (core dumped)”

I will also try PySimpleGUI, Tkinter and PyQt but my first choice would have been Kivy. If anyone can recommend a good GUI tool that would be great.

We suggest use X11-based GUI. Or may consider to use Wayland.

There are samples about graphics:


We support gstreamer and jetson_multimedia_api on Jetson platforms. For jetson_multimedia_api, there is NvEglrenderer:


For gstreamer, you may try nv3dsink or nveglglessink.

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Oh ok thanks. I will try it out on my next project. I found a workaround, before I run my Kivy project, I must use the command “export DBUS_FATAL_WARNINGS=0”. Now I get visuals on my GUI.

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